Since 2003 RANT has been developing it's unique aesthetic

From the very beginning designer/owner Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky focussed on her love of natural fibres and supporting local manufacturing. After 15 years this independent spirit remains strong and her support of local manufacturing has become more relevant with the rise of ethical and sustainable fashion around the world.

Witnessing many changes in the fashion industry, Sarah continues to learn direct from her interaction with customers, avoiding the trends and disposability of mainstream fashion. This feedback and support from women who share the same ethics and appreciation of natural fibres has enabled RANT to remain at the forefront of modern Australian design.

Producing two collections each year, RANT is designed for comfort and longevity

Each range begins with carefully selecting the finest fabrics. They need to perform well and the selection includes premium woven fabrics from Italy and Japan, along with knits sourced from Australian knitting mills that produce RANT's high quality bamboo, cotton and merino jerseys.

Many styles endure for multiple seasons, so customers are able to enjoy their favourite styles for longer, and layering is made easy with colour palettes chosen to match current and past collections. This smart design process is one part of their sustainable approach to fashion. 

Working from out of her home studio alongside her husband, Jason Hodoniczky, Sarah's lifestyle emanates what her label stands for

With their architect winning sustainability awards for the renovations completed at the RANT home studio, their space is solar powered, harvests rainwater and is multi-use. Energy, water and waste are all substantially minimised by working from within their home environment.

RANT looks forward to helping you building a more sustainable wardrobe in the hope to inspire other choices that promote healthy and sustainable living more generally.