Born in 2003, RANT has always been pushing boundaries and developing a unique aesthetic.

Owner-designer Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky has always had a love for natural fibres and supporting local manufacturing. After 16 years of championing and producing ethical and sustainable fashion, we are seeing the rise of global fashion ethics. The world is changing and our standards for fashion are changing as well!

Local production, and only local.

Our core values are at the forefront: local, sustainable and ethical. All of our clothes are made within 30 kms of our home studio, and are 100% Australian made, no exceptions. Our sewers have been working with us for over 10 years and this husband and wife duo work out of their home studio as well! All of our makers are paid above the Australian award which is one of the highest in the world for textile workers, and producing locally means our makers can expect the same standards of living that we expect ourselves.

Sustainability has always been a mindset for us. Even back in 2003, far before the foreboding climate statistics, or the record levels of waste, Sarah saw the folly of fast fashion. Our goal is to have a garment made from natural and renewable fibres that last! We prewash many of our clothes in our harvested rainwater, source the majority of power from solar, and strive towards zero waste.

Home grown family business.

Our small home studio is fully operated by our family: Sarah, her husband Jason, and their son Dakotah. When you call or email you will always get one of us, no robots, no waits, only people. So feel confident contacting us with any of your enquiries to receive a quick and honest response, often naturally ending up in a bit of RANT !